Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where Dreaming Ends

I spent too long in fantasy, I spent too long in flight. I forgot that I had to land on the ground sometimes and run; I forgot how hard it was to move so quickly. Soon I shall be stuck in that infernal twilight, where one life ends while another waits to be begun.

The dreams shall dissipate, and settle on the top of mountains like snow, only to be admired from afar. The only luxury I shall have left is to stare at that snow wistfully, but I'll be moving too quickly, too far away from it to truly revel in the sight. It will be a reminder of all the opportunities I had which I failed to grab hold of.

I hope you will take the story to heart, and not forsake opportunities which arise before you, but be bold and take them, wield them to your advantage. Fortune favours the brave, so be courageous and do that of which I was too afraid. Those chances may never arise again.

I will wish you the very best when we part ways, and there will always be that place in my heart with your name embroidered upon it. But that moment is not yet, so while we await its inevitable arrival, let us lie contentedly beside one another, and fall yet again into the dreams reflected in reality. For the time will soon reveal its presence, and chase dreaming from our lives.

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