Monday, August 9, 2010

To All The Lonely People

The next time you feel that perhaps there's nothing left to hold on for, that there's nothing good left in this world, I want you to think. There is always something left, there is always something good, but perhaps you have to go searching for it.

What about all those dreams you'll never live?
What about all the lives you'll never touch?
All the sorrows you'll never feel?
All the happiness you'll never love?
All the things that you will miss?

All the things that will miss you?
What about all the people who love you?

But if you insist on leaving, I'd just like you to know that once you're gone, I'll sear you into the sunset, so you'll burn forever. I'll trace you into the earth so that no one might forget you. I'll paint you into the music, the songs that'll play forevermore. And I'll carve you into the hearts of everyone I meet, so that they might carry a bit of you with them, wherever they might go.

So go; jump, cut, hang, sleep. But don't be mistaken when you leave that no one thinks of you, that no one will care, because they do, and if you go they won't ever stop. And their grief will overflow the universe.

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