Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quaint Categories

Who says that we can't break out of the constraints society places upon us? They have no right to sort us into their quaint little categories. There is something wrong with this world, where you can't be accepted as who you are, but what you are. The problem is that they have sorted you, and then, they don't take the time to look past that persona that they have built for you in their minds.

There are too many lonely people, there are too many who cry themselves to sleep because they cannot be accepted. It's not their fault; the fault belongs to all the rest, who are unable to see what they ought to be looking for. Search for the person behind the facade, not the person projected through attitude, or clothing, then you'll find what you should have seen the first time.

Until then, I shall wait in the rain for someone to glimpse my reflection in the puddle and see me from a different perspective. Then I'll wait until they have decided to stop categorising me and approach me as a person, and we'll proceed to embark on an amazing adventure, where we might sing in the rain without a care.

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