Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Walking with your head in the clouds, you don't see all that you ought to see. Look about you, Senseless One; your head might be thrust in fantasy, but your feet are firmly rooted in reality. More than rooted, you are chained there, that's why you long to escape. But you can never escape the chains which bind you to what's real.

Beat as you may those broken, pathetic wings, they can't ever lift you from the earth, so firmly are you held. Keep in mind, that the higher you fly, the further you fall. This is a reminder of how hard you hit the ground.

Keep your crown, keep your charm. It's of no use here. Flattery will get you no where; get used to this weathered rock, for this is where you're stuck. Ignore the intuition which tells you that things could be different, don't listen to the voice that whispers the answers to your prayers. You have brought this upon yourself.

You didn't take the chance to get what you wanted, then you repeated the mistake again. Stupid child, did you never learn? Now yet another will turn their back on you, joining the forces that watch you with silent eyes.

You chose the road to this, your perdition. It's unfortunate you didn't earlier see that it was a one way street, with a dead end. So suffer this torture, and heed the raven, that glossy winged guardian, mocking, reminding of the freedom you have lost, and your wings that can no longer beat.

Scream questions of when it will all end. Quoth the raven "Nevermore".

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