Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life Behind the Lens

 Tell me, do your eyes flicker sometimes in that direction, or is that but a figment of an overworked imagination?
Do you bury yourself in your work, but still keep your ears perked for any sound of what's going on with someone else?

Is this why you hide in corners and lose yourself in crowds, because you try to escape what you wish you didn't feel?
You might lounge about beneath relief sculptures all you like, trying to immerse yourself in work, but the fantasy won't go away. You must face it, be bold.
You might become invisible among the crowd, but there will always be someone who is watching you out of the corner of their eye. Can you admit that you do the same?

The dream is to take up the camera, it always has been, even though dreams might fade in the light of reality. The idea is to shoot all that you care about, make an art from the lives of the people around you, and the minutiae of an everyday routine. Most of all it's about being able to hone in on the one you watch, carefully, so they don't notice, and capture their essence in a candid photograph, so that you might hold a part of them forever.

Taking this path means they won't ever see what's behind the person hiding behind the lens; that's the sad truth of it all. Perhaps you should tell them, before your world cracks like ice, and all the colour drains from the greenery.

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