Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Past and Future Secret

Hold your breath, try make the moment last forever. It too will slip through your fingers, like sand forcing its way through the gaps you cannot close. And like sand, parts of the moment will stick to you, until such a time that you are ready to dust it off and leave it behind.

When you're ready, speak out. Speak loud, speak proud, live for what you believe. They can disagree, they can shout, they can threaten, but they have no power against you if you follow the path you feel is right. In the end, some things only alight upon us for a short moment, like the butterfly that pauses then flies again, dancing through the air, flitting among truths.

Don't wait for it, plunge into the moment; don't be afraid. The future's only the rest of your life, and you are the writer. The mistakes are what make you unique; never fear for what you cannot change. Look back to those moments you've left behind, and realise that the future is a brighter place.

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