Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Stranger Dream

Could it be that we are living in a dream within a dream?
Could it be that our memories are all false, that our experiences are all imaginary?

It's much too difficult to believe that everything is real. It's nearly impossible to believe that we could break promises as easily as we would snap a twig.  And yet, we have. What we perceive as reality shows that we have reached the point of no return, passed it, and looking back, wonder where it was that we didn't even noticed that we'd crossed the line until we crossed it.

Now all the songs are hymns to remind us of what could have been, of what is, and of what might be. You know there must be something wrong with reality when a pop artist is singing your feelings to the world, with a tune you don't even like, but recognise as your own. It's not even the violins which play your theme, its the driving beat of the bass, like your heartbeat, resonating through car's stereo's and the speakers of nightclubs, for all the world to hear. How could something so vulgar be revealing your very soul, and make you feel so vulnerable?

Maybe that means that our reality is a dream after all. Maybe we are dreaming all that could go wrong with our lives, creating this nightmarish world. Maybe death is not death, but an awakening, where we all awake from this life, to find that we were all lucid dreaming this same strange dream. Perhaps our reality is somewhere else; some alternate universe, where in fact, there is no unhappiness, or vulnerability, or struggle. Perhaps we shall wake from this, to find that all the rest are still stuck in their sleeping state, the nightmares flickering behind their closed eyelids, rapidly, agonisingly.

And when we wake, we remember all that could have gone wrong, so we live the best we can, and ensure it doesn't happen. But then, we fall asleep again, and fall back into this false reality which we perceive as real. And all is forgotten to us of our true reality, where all is good. That's why when we fall asleep in that dream, we dream a stranger dream. For what is life but a dream within a dream?

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