Saturday, August 21, 2010

The New Faith

Something within me has died; a light has gone out. The season of death has arrived, and all is crumbled and withered and faded. I am but another facet of that cycle, and am not immune to its influences. This is a time of learning about all the hidden truths of life.

I learnt that the greatest death of all is that of Faith. Love was the sacred religion, it had been there to warm us during the coldest nights, and light the way during the darkest days. We all believed in it, the way we believed that the sky was blue; lies upon lies upon lies. My faith in Love has since died.

I do not believe anymore that it is as powerful and as all healing a force as we were led to believe. Sadness has become more than an icon of our generation, more than a way of life; it has become the new religion. And I am yet another faithful follower.

I am however, stuck in this limbo for the moment. I am as yet unsure of whether I am embracing the light, or releasing it; I don't know whether I will be better for it, or worse.

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