Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One day, I shall own a house by a lake, in a picturesque country, with mountains reflected in the calm surface of the water. And every day, as the sun rises, and as the sun sets, I shall set out in my little row boat, and glide though the ripples of the water, watching as the birds skim its surface, set against the background of the sky's passionate canvas.

While the sky turns an assortment of vivid colours, I shall lie back in my tiny boat, and stare, losing myself in the inconstant hues, letting the boat drift where it may. I shall be filled with such peace that unhappiness may never roost in my heart again. The boughs of the pine trees shall sigh my contentment in the breeze, and the birds shall soar with the freedom I enjoy.

I shall have my camera with me, so that I might capture these fleeting moments, and reflect upon them when the sun has said "Goodnight" to the world. Or perhaps my easel and paintbrush, to sit upon the banks of the lake and with rapid, then languid brushstrokes, encapsulate the dreamscape before me.

When the days turn cold I shall sit in my house beside the blazing fire, and enjoy the tales preserved in the pages of ancient books. The land will turn white, and its true majesty shall reveal itself, so that I might feel blessed to live in such a place.

So while I might live alone, as I believe I am doomed to do, I shall be content; there is a certain magic in feeling lonely and content at the same time. But I shall sit on my porch, beneath the dark sky, illuminated by the billions of stars which the city lights dim, and think to myself, that I have indeed found that legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, after surviving the hard, arduous and ugly road which led to it.


  1. Simply lovely :) Thanks for that. Hahaha, I now have an amazing blog post from Mersini. Hehehehe.


  2. Haha, well I'm glad that was to your satisfaction :)
    It was actually quite nice to write it. Gave me a chance to think a bit about how I'd want to live eventually. I thought somewhere kinda remote, with beautiful scenerey and a lake, because I've always wanted a kayak, or a row boat. Also, somewhere remote enough to bring me peace, and somewhere I could still indulge in my creativity. So yeah. Maybe one day I'll actually live somewhere like that, and for some reason I keep thinking it'll be in rural Canada or America somewhere, even though I've never actually had a desire to go there. Haha, maybe Finland.

    And wow, this turned out to be a ridiculously long comment. Sorry.

  3. LOL. Not to worry! Well I get older I want to have a country house. You know, somewhere away from the city and just surrounded by grass and paddocks and horses and trees. And you can take trail rides whenever you want. What an amazing detox from the pollution of the city. :)
    But, deep in my heart. I know I'm a city girl. Hahaha
    But still!