Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Live Curious

I am left to believe sometimes, that we live each day for curiosity. It is as though what guides us, and pulls us and drags us through life is the burning curiosity to see what might be around the next corner, to see what might happen if we say that particular phrase, or wear that particular shirt, or press that particular button.

We can never say never because nothing at all is certain. What you thought might only last a moment might in fact last forever, and promises you thought were indestructible might be broken tomorrow. So we must grasp what we have been given, and mould it if we must, so that we are always reminded not to take it for granted.

We must over turn every stone and kick up every leaf, for we never know what might be hiding beneath them, waiting to be discovered. Look around every corner, and in every direction, use your eyes to see what isn't there as well as what is. Ask a million different questions, knowledge is sacred and what's sacred is remembered forever. Take the road less travelled by, for you do not know where it might lead you until you are well and truly on it; it may lead you exactly where you are supposed to be.

When you are ready, untie yourself from the moorings of comfort and home, and go exploring, the way you did as a child. The adventurer within you has not disappeared, but rather, lays dormant, ready to spring into action at the slightest beckoning. Trek where none have dared before and discover ways, methods and things no one else has discovered before you. Remember, shoes are meant for walking in, so don't be afraid to wear them out.

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