Monday, September 13, 2010


For many years I drifted, alone and lost, without a sense of direction, of where I was, where I should be, where I was going. I was alone and as helpless as a rickety wooden boat, battered and tossed by the force of waves. But as my vision starts to clear and the sea calms, I see that I am where I was always meant to be; and that is here, beside you.

Slowly, but surely, I am being compelled back to the lonely shore, lonely no more. My boat shall alight upon the sands as the sky glows its last burning embers of colour, and you shall meet me there. Together you and I shall gaze out across the calm sea and observe how far we have come, and that although there were tempestuous times, we are indeed calm and patient now. And we are thankful, for we have each other; shoulders to support each when we weep, eyes to rejoice when we each laugh.

They might all take the sun, the moon, the stars, leaving us in blind darkness, but as long as we can feel the other beside us, we know we are never alone. There cannot be words to describe the gratefulness that one feels for having others such as we have each other.

There is an overwhelming comfort emanating from the knowledge that you and I share the same air, that you expel a breath which escapes only to be taken in by me as I inhale. This alone is a closer intimacy than that lovers could ever share, or mothers could experience with their children. Your breath is the life of me, your sigh is the heart of mine, your whisper is the love I share with you.

So please, keep breathing; I die if you stop.

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