Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flying's a Matter of Trust

We've walked a strange way, have we not? There were times when the light shone full and bright upon us, leaving us without a care in the world. There were also times where it filtered down through leaves, those days bringing with them some darkness, but also light to help guide the way. Then those times where we could see nothing, everything cast in a darkness so black that we were blinded; no light, no hope, no direction. Those were the times we didn't think we'd make it through.

But we did. And we're better for it. Aren't we?

It's been a long, long day, lasting years, and now the sun is finally setting upon it. Night is settling in, but before it does, we have one last chance to utilise the last light of day. In these last few moments we will spread our wings and take off towards the horizon, showing them all how far we have travelled. None will believe it, but their eyes do prove them wrong.

Come, come fly with me. We will soar together, you and I, and no one would dare to stop us.

Do you trust me?

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