Monday, September 6, 2010

A Forgotten Path

Who has ever sat and stared at those appendages at the end of their arms and marvel at the way that the digits move? We take them for granted, that is certain; they do so much more for us than we are fully aware.

Our hands write, pick up things, hold, touch, feel. They are records of things we have done, mistakes we've made, from touching heated iron to being cut on the razor edge of a paper. They mark the path we've taken through various stages of life. They bear the scars we've forgotten all about.

You can tell more about a person from their hands than anything else. Those who have a hard life have rough hands, scarred and marked and lined; their nails are chipped and dirty, their skin dry and hard. Those who have had less troubles, and not had to work so hard have smooth hands, with only the smallest of marks. All you need to know of a person is written in their hands. There is a basis to the art of palmistry after all.

Don't take them for granted; they aren't there to be bashed and abused by your carelessness. One day, there will be someone who holds your hand, and be able to tell from the feel of them alone what kind of person you are, whether writer, artist, musician or business person, accountant, or even parent.


  1. Just wanted to say that I love this post. As simple as it is compared to your others.

  2. I'm glad you like it. It was kind of inspired by your grabbing of my hand after all. That, and the fact that I realised how many times I bashed, cut and scratched my hands while packing that day.

  3. Call me weird, but I like holding hands with people... maybe more than hugging... It's not something I've gotten to do in a long time... My fingers twitch sometimes when I walk past people, wanting to reach out but no one ever seems to grab hold.

    Your latest post made my breath catch.

  4. Hmm really?
    That's interesting.
    I always feel so ridiculously awkward when someone decides to grab my hand... Not to mention that the only person who really held my hand (who wasn't you) liked me...

    That surprises me, though I don't know why it should.
    But why talk about that post in the comments of this one? :P