Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Unwritten Epic

It's such a shame that we let the bad times get the better of us. It's a shame that we let fear and uncertainty stop us when we could have gone so far. Now I don't know what to do. I could apologise until the sun exploded, but that wouldn't bring back all the times we've lost. The only thing I can say is that I won't make the same mistakes again; it hurt too much to make them, and neither of us have anything to show for what we used to have except a broken heart. Not even the memories make us smile anymore.

Ironically, the stars grow dimmer in the shadows that lengthen and darken our lives, casting a depression on our hearts and a melancholy on our minds. It's not healing, this wound you left on me; or perhaps it just needs more time, more than the two months its already had. Two months of anguish, of crying out in the night, in the silences, seething with incomprehensible pain unbeknownst to anyone. Getting over annoyances are easy, but leaving behind people, that's a whole other matter, one which I am not able to overcome.

I think sometimes that we were caught up in something that neither of us quite understood. Thus we were afraid to take it further. Our relationship was deceptive, our story even more so. None but we know the truth, and that truth is that there was nothing. Nothing could be more anticlimactic than nothing, nothing more disappointing. And yet, that is what happened between us. Even though we both might have wished otherwise.

I'm apologetic for the both of us always being at each other's throat, snared by a battle of emotions worthy of an epic. I'm sorry that neither of us came out of it entirely whole.

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