Monday, September 20, 2010

The Night Students

Anxious waiting. Nervous fidgeting. Twinge in my stomach. Darting eyes. Breathless sighs.

Waiting for you.

Heart skips a beat. Heart speeds up, races. Heart hurts. Heart loves.

Eyes drink all that is you, only through furtive glances. Shy smiles followed by outbursts of raucous laughter. Tentative touches, the fear and tenderness hidden in a fa├žade of indifference; we're all too afraid to fall in love. We're all afraid of being left broken. But you can't live if you don't let the seasons change.

Shall we lose our innocence? Together we shall learn, two eager, passionate, but timid students of love. We shall determine whether their philosophies are correct, and if we disagree we shall invent our own. No rules, just life, just love, just you. Come, we'll make the night ours, and share it with none but the owls.

And in the morning we'll serenade each other with sighs, and laughs, tongues playing with names. In the day we'll brush fingers along hands, and lips upon brows. Close your eyes, listen to my prayer, promise never to leave. I'll surrender my heart to you if you swear not to crush it; we're all too fragile. I won't let you go, not after being caught by your kiss, not after being held in your arms. I promise not to cause you pain.

What do you say?
Will you come take me away?

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