Sunday, September 5, 2010

Axis of Symmetry

For every little thing we take from this life, we must give back a little more. We must not steal from others when it would be easy for us to give them something in return. For every bit of beauty we experience, we must work to return with beauty of our own; a smile, a laugh, a touch.

We each must learn that there is a precarious balance we must maintain - our lives depend upon it. Too much giving and not enough taking and we collapse into a depressed heap, drained of all our life force. However, too much taking and not enough giving, and we end up alone.

Strive so that you may appreciate all there is to appreciate, to attain what you thought was unattainable, but also remember that for every thing which comes your way to help you to your goal, you must give something in return. Take opportunities which will help not only yourself, but others; put yourself in the way of a person who is struggling, and help them to the path which will lead them to fulfilment. And yet, do not give too much, for a person who is drowning will invariably cling to those who offer salvation, and both shall inevitably be lost.

I too shall try to do this, but as a wise being once said, "Do or do not. There is no try." We shall either be successful, or fail; but truth be told, the more people who strive for a common goal, the more likely it is to be attained.

Life is what you make it, so appreciate and create beauty where ever you may go.


  1. So so true, the balance between giving and taking =) Easier said than done though =(

    Ps. I love how you update your blog almost daily! hehe =D

  2. Ah yeah, too true. It's ridiculously easy to overthrow the balance :(

    I'm glad that you like the fact that I update daily. But more importantly, thanks for reading!