Sunday, September 12, 2010

Into the Ether

The sky offered us a better life. It said "Come join the stars. I promise they'll keep you safe." The setting sun winked at us as it descended past the horizon, and we cringed, thinking perhaps there was malice in that gesture. So we denied the sky and were thrown here.

This is what happens when a soul abandons the ether; they are cast down to the earth, a prison until they have learnt their lesson. Each one will have something to gain from such a time. Again and again and again they pass through the cycle upon the earth, and there are those among us who have walked the same tracks for millennia. The question is will we eventually learn when to let the sky take us?

We were born of the stars, and to the stars we shall return, but only when we allow ourselves to be taken. We each are like the lonely raindrop who drops from the clouds, spends a day clinging to the leaves of a tree, before trailing down and being soaked into the ground. The winding journey then begins, through the ground, into a creek, a stream, a river, before rushing into the ocean and being embraced in its entirety. So too are we like this raindrop; individual souls whose last resting place will the ocean of the ether. We have each returned there several times, but it is not until we allow ourselves to let go of Life that we truly belong there.

For that reason I will search for lessons in this life which I feel I must learn, so that perhaps next time, when the sky offers me a choice, I can say that I will stay and be like the broken boat returning to the healing shore. Perhaps when you return for your next lifetime, I will be above in that astral plane, watching you, guiding you and loving you.

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