Sunday, December 19, 2010

Splashes of Technicolour

Well, you got caught in the web of my dreams again. I was surprised that you returned, so much did I think that I would never see you traversing the worlds of my mind again while I slept. Forgive me, the cobwebs of my dreams are draped all over the velvet night sky, it is not your fault that you flew straight into them. I should have been more considerate; I hardly think that you would want to settle in my mind again.

It led me to wonder, however, how you were, what you were doing, what kind of life you lead now. Whether you're happy, or merely content, or whether you are depressed and no one sees it. But, we made our choices long ago; the ways we tread are the ones we picked for ourselves.

And yet... I must add more. I could not help but wonder, as my eyes opened to greet the morning, still burning with the images of you, and as my body, wrapped in heavy blankets could still feel your presence, whether perhaps your return to my dreams was one of life's neon signs, screaming that our workings in each other's lives are not complete. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from you yet; I cannot know, I will not know, until they are. The future may hold many things in store, perhaps one of them is the answer to why images evoked by your presence burn in technicolour, while everything else blurs and dulls in comparison.

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