Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Obscure Road

I don't know where this might lead, for all I know, it may be to nothing. However, I have a good feeling about this, and that it might last. I can only hope that it comes to fruition. Isn't that every writer's dream?

The path will be arduous, but I just know that this time, I can do it. For once, I don't think I'll fall into a crevasse along the way and be hindered in my progress forward. This time, I might actually finish what I started. The way is not clear, the details not all sorted, even the major points not thought of yet, but it is of little consequence, for I have a determination which I hope will trump all obstacles that I may encounter. I hope that ideas will float down from the ether and alight upon me, presenting themselves to my mind so that I may scrawl them across the face of my paper. In the end, I hope to transform something rough and as yet undeveloped into something rich and fantastic and lasting. This may be my only chance of scarring the world in my own way, like so many others before me. It is the only thing we as humans dream of.

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