Sunday, December 19, 2010

Force of Creation

There's a whole world inside your head, perhaps even more than one. Voices whisper ideas to you while your mind wanders and you get lost in realms that only exist for you. And it's entirely up to you what it is you do with what your imagination reveals to you in these journeys.

I for one must pour forth what I see into something artistic, whether it be upon the face of a blank canvas, or in something more physical, a creation of an image, and now and then, I may even take the time to pen the visions. You see, some people in this world fix things, doctors, mechanics, plumbers, others organise things, managers, CEOs, and others still help people, psychologists, volunteers. Then, in a class of their own, completely unique, are the artisans, those who create, whether painters, sculptures, designers or writers, they all pour forth the things that perhaps we take for granted. They don't really have a choice, I don't really have a choice, being one of them. You see, being an artisan isn't something you do, it's who you are. You create because you must.

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