Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Ones Standing

I've been blessed to have known such a group of fantastic people, each one of the most amazing people on the planet. I'm glad that if I had to spend my final year in such a place, that it was with you; it means the world to me that you accepted me much more than any others.

There's you, one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, both on the inside and the outside; you're absolutely gorgeous. I owe you the biggest thanks of them all, for caring, talking and listening when I needed someone, anyone. When you took my hand tonight and led me to the dance floor, I complied and followed quietly, for how could I resist when you have been so kind? You didn't want me there for the sake of having me there, or to feel some sense of accomplishment at finally being the one to get me on the dance floor, you wanted me there because you wanted me to have a good time too, even though you are well aware that it's not quite up my alley. I hope that you continue to always treat people the way you have treated me, always greeting them with a huge smile and a warm hug, and I hope you always make people laugh with your antics; I'll always remember the time your sister and I laughed so hard because of something you did that we cried. It was the first time I'd ever laughed so hard in that class. You have a beautiful soul and a golden heart.

And you, the aforementioned sister, you're also amazing. Thank you so much for appreciating my humour and not thinking me a complete moron, despite the fact I'd deserve that classification. You were always so good to laugh along with, not only at the antics of your sister, but also other things. Tonight our laughs weaved themselves amid the loud music as we waited in the dark for our cue. Also, thank you for panicking just a little bit alongside me. It surprisingly means a lot.

Then there's you, who I've known for a good many years. You made things so entertaining with your little comments, leading us to chuckle a little, then smile and nod at each other suavely. Who would've thought that we'd have gotten along? We're not very alike at all, but no complaints here, I was grateful for someone to talk to when it seemed everyone else gravitated towards someone else.

And what to say to you? Did you see our fathers? They always get so crazy when they have one another, some alcohol and music. It's rather hilarious. But never mind them. You're also one of the most kind hearted people I've met. Also, one of the most understanding, and one of the most intelligent, and yet, put you together with that one other person, and everything seems to fade and you get lost amid insanity, laughter and a closeness akin to sisterhood.

You, the one who brings the insanity all about, you're the person I've known the longest among my friends. Crazy doesn't quite cover it. But it's fantastic! You're the person who manages to never look quite normal in photos, by your own admittance, the one who can be obstinately argumentative and who doesn't know how to let it go to prove a point, but must always argue it until someone listens. The one who cannot physically sit still once music starts playing, not even long enough to be in a photo. The one who's known me long enough to see the changes in me. Yet still the one who will talk to me as if nothing ever changed, though the fact we've drifted is obvious enough in our conversations. You're still one of the funniest people I know, one of the most stubborn, and, one of the shortest.

You all make up such a fantastic group, it's difficult to fathom how I could not have let myself get closer to you earlier. But then I remember why.

It was because of you. I don't blame you for keeping me from them, that was my fault as well, for letting you and for closing myself off from the world. You who walked out too early on a group of people you would have benefited from knowing a little better. Their being so down to earth would perhaps have grounded you a little too, and we know that would have been a good thing for you. I actually pity you for not knowing them better, you don't understand that you walked out on an amazing bunch of people. I'm sorry for you. Yet, also not at all. If you hadn't left, I wouldn't have learnt what they were really like either, and as much as I feel sorry for you, I realise that it's because of you that I never laughed like I did with them.

To the rest I have to say to you that we've been fledglings for such a long time. One by one now, we are slowly learning to fly, and now, all together as one, we've taken the steps to leave the nest. We may not meet there anymore, but we all know that we will meet again. In a community like ours, it's impossible for it to be otherwise, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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