Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What Happened?

You have managed to surprise me, truly, you have. I thought that a lifetime of memories would suffice and allow me to presume that I knew you, but alas, you have gone and said something that made me stop and stare. I never thought you would be the one to have such a wish. I'm even proud of you for it, perhaps despite the fact that I would not do the same.

It's peculiar though, that you sift through old home videos, watching yourself at a time that now you have no memory of and you're forced to wonder, "what happened?" Once there was a girl, bubbling with innocence and confidence whose tresses cascaded down her back in honey coloured curls. Now and then she would do something and then flash a cheeky grin, taking charge in every situation. She's not the same anymore. Today she's quiet, reserved, willing to stand back and watch others do what once she would have thrown herself into. She's watched friendships fade, and loved ones drift and felt a million things that will haunt her for life. And now, you have made her realise something she was resolute that she would never do: with a thunderous crash and a stinging sensation came the realisation that she stereotypes. She stereotyped you.

You and I were always so different, complete opposites in every imaginable way. This is certainly no exception. It's a lifestyle choice and one I don't think I could live with, but I believe that is why I admire it in you, especially when I thought you would be someone who would not do what you revealed that in fact you did want to do. Stick with that decision Cousin, I admire you for it. I thank you also, for leaving me scratching my head in confusion and wondering "what the hell happened to me?"

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