Monday, January 10, 2011


Some days it feels like we're transparent - mere skeletons, and the light shines right through us, but never on us. Some days it feels like we're part of a ghost army who took to arms long ago to fight an enemy we could never see and though we know we don't have to fight any more, we cannot let go of what we were trained to do. At some point we all became slaves to someone or something, and quite frankly, we didn't have to. Bone weary and yet we still cannot lay our weapons to rest.

If you sit in silence and smile, opening your heart and letting the whispers come to you, you'll hear the call of the wild, of colour, of freedom. They beckon, tease, plead; they want you to come with them and leave behind all the bad things that keep you bound. They whisper "do you dare?"

You don't have to know everything that will happen, you don't have to plan every step you take, just take them, just go along with whatever happens. You'll be surprised at how far you'll travel, how much more you'll understand. You'll fall off the path of reason and onto the path of adventure, the path of creativity and you'll find things you thought were long lost. You'll laugh and cry and hurt and love. The voices still call to you.

Let them in. They'll rush through your hair, through your soul, through your heart, and everywhere they go they'll clean the taint that holds you to all that is bad for you. The kaleidoscope refracts the colours, the ones that live within you but you'd forgotten all about, and even as they change, they sweep through you and bring a lightness of the spirit. All you have to do is believe. Let them explode within you, take over, and soon you'll see that things are better in the world than you had believed. They'll splatter all through your life, over everything within reach, and everywhere you step, they'll turn to light, they'll turn to rhyme. Your world with burn with poetry. 

Only one question remains: Do you dare?

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