Friday, January 7, 2011

The Unexpected Rainbow

You were a welcome splash of sunshine in an otherwise dreary day. So far, I've gone from wanting to tell everyone to telling absolutely no one about seeing you. Bizarre, considering I only met you today, and I don't even know your name. But there we were, two souls drifting through the space of a bookstore, destined to meet over the counter and start a conversation about Tolkien, his work sitting there between us, beautifully bound in a bright red cover.

You caught my attention straight away. Shaggy black hair glistening with gel and luminescent blue eyes which glowed even from behind your glasses, and that goatee, which normally I don't find attractive, but which on you looked fantastic. Though I must admit, almost shamefully, that I've already forgotten the contours of your face, and the exact planes which made you so gorgeous. I suppose that's because I was too shy to really look at you and memorise them. But I can say that should I ever happen to see you in the street, I would know it was you. It seemed, and I hope I wasn't only imagining it, that you didn't want to leave the conversation we were having. And for once, it wasn't me who was talking, keeping someone else there. The words spouted forth from you, weaving around each other into conversation, keeping me there smiling and responding and secretly wishing that you wouldn't leave too soon. 

I practically glowed after you left. I had to work hard to suppress the grin which pulled at the muscles in my face, tempting them to fix themselves into that smile. Finally, after more than 3 years, the thing I'd hoped for and mostly forgotten about had happened. There have been others who have caught my eye, of course, but never one who took the time to talk to me as though I was someone more in their life than just the girl at the counter. I really wanted you to come back. If not to ask for a date, at least to ask for another conversation. It's kind of too bad. It's also kind of scary that I was so attracted to you. The fact you took the time to really talk to me strengthened that attraction. So while I may not remember exactly what you looked like, left only with the vague image of your face and the sharp memory of features like your hair and your eyes, I will always remember the way you made me feel; the way I didn't want to stop grinning, the way I wanted to tell the whole world I met a guy who seemed almost reluctant to end our conversation, the way that I felt less like somebody in the background, for the first time in my life. I shouldn't fall for you for that alone, of course, I mean I hardly know you, but it's definitely more than enough for me to agree to going out with you, had you asked me. Well, I can always hope; after all, you know where I work. But I really thought that I ought to put it out there that you fanned that tiny spark in me enough so that it now emits a glow.

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