Sunday, January 23, 2011

In The Details

 Everyday we pass billions of things, ordinary things which may not look like much, littering footpaths and cities and houses. We pass people, we pass places and still we don't look. I want to learn beauty; how to see it in everything, how to carry it with me always and how to never revert to walking through life with my eyes closed. Too many people walk as if they cannot see, and the truth is, they are deprived, for they miss things of great significance, little things which could make all the difference to their day, or to their lives.

Beauty isn't something you see once and then forget. Beauty is something you carry with you, something you create and emanate, leaving its essence on things you touch, on people you interact with. It's about more than just simply seeing something beautiful, it's about learning to see it in everything and everyone. It's not something you have to carefully create, it's not something you have to diligently seek out, it's just something you have to open your eyes to seeing. You have to slow down sometimes and simply look and see, instead of letting your eyes glaze over as you get absorbed into your own thoughts. Beauty is about existing.

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