Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fortunes and Fates and Confessions

Well, what can I say? I think I'm a fool. I almost wish that you would wash yourself away from my memory and erase yourself from my heart, but I cannot. You see, I only met you the other day, but sometimes it's the people I meet just once who leave an impression on me that lasts months. You're one of them, but it's deeper than that; when I wished to see you again, miraculously, as though the universe had listened, you walked in again. I'm almost superstitious enough to believe it was fate, but then, you walked in with someone who I, perhaps stupidly, assumed to be your partner. I could be wrong. I hope so, because as much as I want to forget you, I want you to return so much more. I can't say what I want from you exactly, but I'll admit that I'm incredibly attracted to you. It's probably due to the fact that you were the first person to see me, rather than see through me, and also because you're ridiculously good looking and seemingly intelligent. In any case, I still hope, but now that hope is tempered by reality, despite the fact your face is a little more clearly etched into my memory. But I have to say it again: I wish that I could see you again. Think we can make it three times in four days? Maybe I'll find out your name next time around.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm definitely superstitious enough to believe it was destiny. I don't know if a fortune teller could tell me whether we're meant to happen at all, but I'm willing to approach her, the mysterious woman wrapped in shawls, humming some strange melody, surrounded by a cloud of smoke from burning incense and ask whether we do have a chance. And hell, I know what I want to hear. The clock's ticking, the pendulum's swinging, and I'm holding my breath and praying, and trying to ignore the myriad of emotions that are running through me, chasing each other and drowning out my heart. My thoughts chatter away beside those emotions, and all in all, I'm afraid I'll miss my chance, if ever a chance there was. So please, come back; for the first time in my life, I truly know what I want.


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooh who is this? Ha ha ha.

    And I know that I am one who leaves an impression on people, also ;)


  2. This guy who came into work the other day and bought Lord of the Rings and talked to me about Tolkien. He came in again today! Bloody hell he was gorgeous, in a geeky kind of way, but still.

    Hahaha, geez, modest much? :P

    Yes, I'm coming. Didn't I reply to that email? I'm sure I did. Maybe I'll reply again just in case...

  3. I need a more vivid description please! I love gorgeous geeky guys - AH! :)

    Also, I just got your email confirmation. Ha ha ha ha

  4. Gah, I'm so bad at descriptions. Um, black hair, kind of shaggy, blue eyes, glasses (glasses!!), taller than me but not too tall, sort of stubble goatee thing. Definitely nothing like David Tennant, but still extremely good looking :P
    BUT he came in with some girl today. Could be his girlfriend :(

  5. Or sister. Positive thoughts!

  6. Or friend. They didn't act too much like a couple.
    Seriously though, that's the second time in three days that he's come in. And there I was thinking I wouldn't see him again....
    Now that I've said that, I probably won't. Don't even know his name :(

  7. Find out next time! :) He he he he. Have some faith!

  8. Haha sure, like that won't be awkward at all:
    "oh hey, so what's your name? You know, not for any particular reason, but just so I can get my friend to Facebook stalk you" haha, he'd be mortified!

  9. I know this is old, but did you find out his name??


  10. No, unfortunately I didn't, and I haven't seen him since either. Oh well, I guess. I wasn't expecting to see him again anyway.