Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mesmerise the Soul

Stand on stage, hear the crowd scream your name, feel the call vibrate through your core, sending shivers up and down your spine. It's the obsession that defines your existence. Walk with the microphone in hand, the spotlight trained upon you as you stop at centre stage. Feel the heat of the light that burns down, illuminating the sweat that's formed in beads on your upper lip. Hear them roar in pleasure when the melody starts to play, the familiar strains that feel so far away, so strange, yet so well known.

Feel the collective intake of breath; sense that second of silence. Then as your voice find the words you've been searching for, the chorus begins and reminds you of what they are. Your own feelings sung back to you by those who have learnt them. In this world you thought no one would understand, none would care, or sympathise, but there they are, beneath the roof of the stars, moving you with the songs you wrote for someone else. You wanted them to know who you were, you wanted someone to hear. And they all heard, and they all understood, and they all wanted to be there with you.

Waves of emotion break over their heads, pulled from their bodies by the power of your music. You're more overwhelmed by the sheer force of those feelings than anyone in the crowd; a feeling of euphoria, mixed with something else, something sadder, the same emotion those memories always bring. Your soul pours forth and washes into every niche and corner of the room, leaving none untouched. You close your eyes and let it take you.

It lifts you from your body, and you feel connected to everything and everyone. They have all of you, all at once. You're vulnerable, but they fight the fears for you, you cry, but they weep with you; together you break through to emotions that you can't conceal while the music binds you together. You free fall into something amazing; you never want it to end.

With the music burning in your veins, and the emotions being wrenched from you, tearing your voice out so that it fills every heart, you feel invincible. And at the end of the night, you've created something that will never be forgotten and those people will go home and remember the way they connected in a way that perhaps they never will again. The intensity will have carved itself into their memories forever, ready to be recalled as one of the best moments in their lives. And you walk away from it all, knowing that you have done something worthy.

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