Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello, I Miss You Quite Terribly

Oh, it's been a long time - since last the sky was blue and the air was clear, since last the day was long and the night was dear. Spending time with those you want to hold close through eternity is worth more than spending a million days with those you care nothing for; especially when the rest of the world has forgotten you and you, faded into obscurity, melt into the shadows and become darkness. Sometimes when you feel alone, you really are...alone. Sometimes not a single person in existence wants to talk to you, not a single person even spares a thought. But sometimes, just sometimes, you're granted a chance to spend precious moments with those who love you and tell it to you through tight hugs and glowing smiles.

It will hurt you when those you thought cared turn out to ignore you as though you were some phantom who wafted through their life but never left as much of an impact as you'd thought. You may have spent years convinced that you were someone at least slightly important, but then in a second you can have that feeling revoked, and see it lie in tatters on the ground, bleeding into infinity. But then, it's ok; someone comes a-knocking and reminds you that it's not the case with everyone. It is in that moment that you discover who is loyal to the friendship you were dedicated to and who are those who would turn their back once communication has faded into something less than what it was.

I sat and was grateful, my gratitude overflowing the shallow basin of my heart and wrapping its tendrils around everyone in the room. I know that should I have asked you to meet me under the midnight moon, you would have joined me without hesitation. For others I cannot be so sure, and others yet I am certain would not turn up if their life depended on it. To those, I say that it's a shame, for I would have pulled them close in the dark and whispered "Hello, I miss you quite terribly." Then, had they not believed me, I would have followed with "some places are just too empty without you." But those empty places will remain empty, save for the ghosts of happier times, until someone else comes along and restores the light. Even then, the ghosts will still play, but they will respectfully retreat and leave us to creating another ghost to leave behind. All the while I'll be grateful for those who have kept me in their hearts.

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