Monday, November 1, 2010

Void Space

Unconsciousness is a surprisingly sweet escape from life, however temporary it may be. It can be said that I enjoy sleep much more than being awake, for you see, life has more of a tendency to hold together when I'm asleep; everything tends to crumble during the waking hours.

Facing things you'd rather not face is a given during the day. Problems envelop you, eat at your soul while you struggle in their grip, fighting against them for freedom. You try to hold together the pieces of yourself as you fall apart, crumbling like chalk, chipping like rock. Too soon the tears get the better of you, rolling down your face and leaving behind those tell tale paths which glisten in the light, even as you try to hide yourself in the dark.

Finally, you are left with nothing; empty spaces which used to be filled. Is there a cure for the void?

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