Friday, November 19, 2010

Bridge of Sighs

We shouldn't define our world in black and white. Too often this is not the case. You will learn that nothing is ever as clear cut as you wanted to think it was, so don't make the mistake of thinking that everything can be sorted into two very separate categories. If you look a little closer, you will find that there are vast areas of grey, the shades which indicate how close something is to a category, while still mockingly being in neither.

Most of our decisions lie in that grey area, and barely ever are they clearly defined. We tend to overthink things, to find reasons for and reasons against, and we take the option with the more reasons, sometimes at the cost of ignoring our instincts. In the end, it is fear that stops us; the fear that going against the grain, against all reason will lead us somewhere worse than where we are. We know deep down that there is a chance that it could lead to something better, but we are too afraid to take the chance, especially as so many things in life are constantly in flux. We are afraid of getting there and losing what we wanted so much.

Often we'll meet someone or read something where a person did not take the chance that they so badly wanted and ended up regretting that decision for the rest of their lives. There is much wisdom in words saying that you will regret what you didn't do much more than the things that you did do. But humans are not so trusting creatures, and we are wary of life, even when we want to believe that it can turn out for the best.

So, take a chance on me, and I'll take a chance on you. Dispel the fear, don't weigh up the pros and cons, just follow your instinct. We're instinctual creatures, and you'll be surprised at how often your intuition is correct. Next time, take a chance on that stranger whose eye you meet, or that person you shared a smile with. You never know, after crossing that bridge of sighs, upon which you swayed precariously, unsure of yourself, you may find yourself in a place where the grass is really greener. You may find that the world not only is not black and white, but is in fact made up of splashes of colour. What was once scary may no longer hold any fear at all.


  1. If only it was that easy...Oh god. The outcome I had feared the most occurred as I took a leap of faith. It was either going to be one way or the other....but what had happened....wasn't desired. Life is twisted.

  2. It's true, it doesn't always work out. The thing is, you never know unless you try, and if you don't try, you spend a long time wishing that you had.
    Here is something that I found to ring true:

    Besides, if life weren't twisted, it'd be boring, which I personally think is infinitely worse.
    And just so you know, Katie, whatever happened, whatever is happening, and whatever will happen, we'll still be here for you despite it all, because we love you. Don't you forget that.

  3. I guess life does really get boring without its weird twists. It's just that when so many problems accumulate it becomes so hard to handle properly...just by yourself.
    And that link you've linked It's so...profound.
    And thanks Mersini, you're a beautiful soul you know? I hope you've been doing swell. I actually miss talking to you and so many other beautiful people I've met from school...

  4. Exactly, it is hard to handle things by yourself, that's why we're letting you know that we're here for you. Just in case you need us.
    Yeah, it is pretty weird not seeing or talking to people from school. I miss it too, probably the only thing I miss about school actually.
    I hope you're doing well as well. I read your blog. It's really interesting.

    As for the link, that whole blog is pretty amazing. Some of it I don't really understand, but then some of the other posts are just so incredible. Just keep that post in mind yeah?

  5. My blog is full of silly thoughts and ramblings, ha! I reckon we should all meet up one day and just have some nice talking. Shall be good since we all have so much free time now! And do u still work at the book store? :) It would be good to see you!

    Yep. I've put that post in my bookmarks. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Haha, but they're interesting silly thoughts and ramblings :)
    It'd be great to see people, it's just insanely difficult trying to organise something though. Haha, we can talk about quantum physics! :P
    Yup, still at the book store. Even more at the book store these days, they have me working so much. If you're up there, drop by, it'll be great to see you!