Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Timeline of Eternity

 Calmness pervades the air, settling down and covering everything like a blanket of snow. A meditative stillness overcomes you and you sit, cross legged on the grass, with your eyes closed and your mind open. You almost hear the earth whispering to you, the ancient tales thought lost, erased by time and dimmed by the voices which faded. There on the grass, alone and lonely, but content, you forge a connection with people long forgotten, with cultures long buried and with the earth, long ignored.

In one moment, you feel your whole existence in the grand scheme of all existence; you feel your place among the ancients and your memory among those who will live. Yet you do not feel insignificant; the feeling overwhelms you and is like nothing felt before, but where others would be dismayed at such a small role in the universe, you revel in the fact that there is a role at all, that your presence, fleeting though it may be, has an impact on the present, leaves traces in the future, and is a connection to the past.

It is soothing to feel this connection, as you feel yourself part of the timeline that is the history of humanity. Few manage to experience such a thing. The blades of grass feel the way they have always felt and the earth smells the way it will always smell, the comforting scent of its dampness wafting into your lungs, reminding you that you too are part of it. The trees rustle their leaves in the breeze, and that breeze caresses you, carrying to you the voices from all time - millions of faint whispers, inaudible independently, together creating a quiet melody.

The moment seems to last forever, as you take a glimpse into eternity and are gently reminded of the ancient past, of civilisations fallen, and of those which will rise. For you, this bond will never be severed, and though it will fade into the background, it will always envelop your heart, soothing it when nothing else is able. Until the end of your days you will carry with you the past, the future and the present.

You open your eyes and the scenery invokes a stronger sense of calm. Then you remember, you had an idea before you slipped into time, but it has since left, melted by the rain which beats gently upon you and the earth, cleansing all which needs to be cleansed. From then on, you remember to listen to the rain.

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