Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Worlds Collide

Life is about always looking up. It's a fact that people barely ever turn their eyes to what is above them, for it is always so much easier looking down, observing your feet as they walk along the path. So most people lose moments that they might otherwise have had, moments that could have defined them, changed them beyond belief. They miss all the beauty of the bigger picture. 

We all should aspire not only to look up, but also to see; there is a vast difference between the two, and we often forget the latter. For this reason, so much is often overlooked; moments melded into the fabric of Time, and then snatched away, never seen, never remembered. 

You may walk with your head hanging down, or your eyes held shut; perhaps living is easier that way. But it is never better. 

Walk looking up, walk looking forwards, towards the future, and perhaps you can stop the oncoming traffic and teach them to do the same. Or perhaps you can walk right into someone who cannot help gazing down, and discover what happens when two worlds collide.


  1. This is so true and so beautifully expressed.
    I always make a point when I'm on the bus or train or walking home to look at the sky, look at what's above me or in the distance because there are so many beautiful visions we miss out on every day.

  2. Me too. I look at the sky far more than I probably should, but that's ok; It's infinitely more interesting than the ground. But yes, this post is metaphoric in a way; I really feel that people are too concerned with looking at themselves and seeing the world pessimistically that they forget to look at the bigger picture and all the good things in life :(

    Thanks for reading though :)