Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inevitability is the only Certainty

The colour is drained out of life. There was much more that it had wanted to give, but you didn't let it, so it stopped trying, and let go, all the colour draining away, because you didn't deserve to see it.

We are not infallible. Our mortality is visible to us all too clearly; each day there is news of another murder, another rape, another missing person. How do we go on, knowing we are one of them?
There are too many lonely souls wandering this earth. That's what we are, each and every one. It is inevitable.

So sit and stare in sorrow, for the colour won't reappear, it's gone forever. You shunned everything and everyone and became just another one of the Lost, joining the rest of the world. Yes, you have Fallen, doomed to wander until you find the end of the line. And the trees lost their colour weeping for you.

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