Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Expressive Style

We are all born with a sense of beat. That's why we are so good at tapping out a tune with our hands, or enjoy whistling a cheery melody.

If you listen carefully, you can discern the rhythm in everything; the ticking of a clock in the dark silence, the sound of the cars squelching past on the rain-blanketed road, the clunking of the train over the rails. And some of these rhythms inspire us to move in tandem with them.

You tap your foot to the beat, enjoying the movement of your body in harmony with the music. Soon you're up on the floor, wildly swinging your arms about, whacking your hips to either side, and headbanging so your hair flies everywhere. Or perhaps you leap across a stage, gracefully cutting the air as swiftly as a knife, propelling yourself in a twirl with nothing but your arms held stiffly.

Whatever may happen, no one can take that away from you. If there's a rhythm, there's a dance to be had.  Each to their own style.

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