Friday, July 2, 2010

The Tears That Never Let Fall

I know you feel like you're drowning sometimes, like the world is suffocating you, and so oppressed, you feel it hurts to take a breath, lest all that's piled upon you settle in your lungs when you breathe. I know that sometimes, you want to just sink into it all, and let it take you. I also know that you sometimes don't feel that you're cared about, that the world could end and no one would even think of you.

Well, what I know, is that that isn't true.

You've imprinted yourself onto the hearts of everyone you've met; sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad, but it's the people that care about you who will come through when you most need them. Don't be deceived; some will pretend that they care, others will blatantly show that they don't, but they aren't the ones you need concern yourself about.

Remember, the ones that care the most will be there to catch your tears, each and every one, as they fall.