Friday, July 9, 2010

Language of the Soul

Nothing in the world can move you like music can. To put it simply, nothing else can pull at your heartstrings in quite the same way.

Each of us has a reaction to a beautiful melody, each of us remembers a haunting score. It may not be the same piece, but it need not be. There is so much that we take with us from music.

While there is so much that we hold dear in our lives, there is nothing that could have a stronger hold than the story told by the weeping strings of the violin, nor could anything rally us so, like the beat from a drum, resonating through our core.

Upon the wings of a symphony we can soar, so just close your eyes and fly. And at the end, when the tears have ceased, remember to spare a thought for the musicians who made your flight a reality, and thank them; because they just revealed to you a piece of their soul.

No one but a musician knows how to reveal true human nature as an art form, no one else can speak to us so, because no one else can take raw emotion and translate it into a language that the world can understand.


  1. "(...)sing what you can't say, forget what you can't play (...)" - that tells everything, doesn't it?

    Indeed, sometimes music is capable of awakening things in our souls we haven't even begun to realise they're already there, sown in the bottom, waiting to bloom. Things like hope, joy, anger, sorrow and so much more.

    For me, what's the most amazing about music, is that it works somehow like the key to our true self. Sometimes you just have to harken to the certain song, the message it brings to be finally able to understand a piece of yourself that was always shrouded in mistery.

    Guess listening to Nightwish fits discovering something about one's soul really well;)

  2. It really does. That's one of my favourite lines, actually. Tuomas always knows how to say it in the most beautiful way :)

    Yes. Yes to all of that. You put it perfectly. Music affects our emotions much more than we recognise. You listen to one song and you want to cry, you listen to another and you feel you could rule the world, and yet another brings you to this high of happiness. I think you're right, it is the key to our true self.