Monday, July 5, 2010

Master Passion Greed

You might say that I am enchanted by you. You might say that I am charmed by your looks, the way you hold yourself, the way you speak. You might say that I am spellbound by something so ancient it cannot be broken, despite how I may pull at the bonds, how I may scream, how I may suffer. You might say that I am under your command, for it is so; it seems that there is no free will left. You stole it from me.

You have never invited me to take my leave, you have never shown me the way out; I think you must like having me by you too much. You have never given thought to how your grip crushes, more so than even the deepest despair.

I wonder, have you done this before? It seems you are most proficient in this sport. Oh yes, you make it hurt like all the fires of hell burn in me simultaneously, then you offer your apologies, before plunging the knife in once again. I may have tried to escape once, but you wouldn't relinquish me, so I learnt to take the pain, flinching each time your eyes flicker towards me, because I already know what comes next.

The worst twist of this convoluted tragedy is that I still look to you in hope. Still that tiny, last ember of desire glows deep within, even as I
hope the pain will fade, and not be administered again. I know it is a false hope.I've learnt the hard way, Enchantment is just another word for Prison.

Seek her
Seduce her
Tame her

Blame her

Have her
Kill her

Feast on it all

Master Passion Greed - Nightwish

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