Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alone and Lost

Oh, we're lost again. Left to wander, alone, without direction, without hope. Sometimes it seems the compass doesn't point north, but everywhere. Nowhere.

Our wings are broken, or spirit shattered, our memories faded, torn, and burnt at the edges, so that they become obscure, and the faces blur to become more Unknowns.

We're afraid, so deathly afraid. The clouds roll in, black and ominous, ready to growl as we enter their domain, ready to let loose their fury upon us. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to shelter.

We're lost, and afraid, and although we had one another, that also was taken. The empty eyes that cannot see, stare, back to the past, trying to make something out in that thick mist; it's too fogged, there's nothing left to see.

The world continues to turn, the Dawn begins to fade while the sun reaches its zenith, then makes way for Night, while Dusk pulls its violet curtain across the sky's vast canvas. But we are left out in the cold, alone, and so very far from one another.

In losing each other, we lost the world.


  1. Sounds so sad... but it's seems to be fairly right as there's nothing more painfull than losing someone we love.

    There is one beautiful song of polish musician Stanislaw Soyka entitled "For God's sake" in which he sings: "To live we need to give ourselves". Pure truth, all the meaning of our live lies within the people who are precious to us and what do we do for them.

  2. I think there's one thing worth saying. Regardless of the fact I've only flashed by you blog, barely getting trough the surface of what it's really deep inside, I find your thoughts and feelings that emerge from your words amazingly similar to my own.
    It feels like I could really speak the same language with you:) Do you think we could get to know each? I know it may sounds weird or surprising, but I hope you don't mind what I'm saying :)

  3. It's true. You build your whole life around the people you know, because, like the song you quoted says, your life is given meaning through our relationships with other people. When those relationships are taken away, it's earth shattering.

    And yes of course we could! I'd be honoured :)

  4. I'm very glad to hear that:) do you have facebook account? I thought if you did we could make friends there and have a chat from time to time :)

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  7. Awesome. And it's been accepted. Nice taste in music, by the way!

  8. That's great :)

    Thanks, I could say the same as I found your blog searching for phrases from Nightwish's songs :)

  9. Haha, that's brilliant! I love Nightwish, but I can't remember quoting them... must have though :)
    Oh wait, yes I do. I quoted Master Passion Greed one time.
    Always nice to meet another fan :)

  10. I more Nightwish freak than a fan :P I've listened their songs for ten years or so and
    I still discover them afresh:)

  11. Btw, sorry for all the mistakes I make, today I'm a bit overloaded with English :P I spoke to my cuz who's also from Australia;), had English classes and now I'm speaking to you so there's no way I can avoid making them :P

  12. They're awesome that you can do that. There are all these little things in the songs that you don't hear until you really listen. It's amazing. Tuomas is a musical genius, I swear :)
    Excited for the new album out soon!!

    And that's ok! English is actually a really difficult language to learn, I think.

  13. He is:) It's incredible how he can come across his message through the songs he writes. And it's never a cliche, on contrary, it's always something you can identify with.

    I'm excited too but I don't know if I can make it to for it be finally released;/ In Poland it's up for grabs not before December and I'm so impatient:P

  14. The best part is that it's meaningful, but beautifully written. He inspires me.

    Oh yeah! I didn't think about that. I don't know whether Australia will get it at the same time either.
    The Internet is a wonderful place, in the meantime... :P

  15. Hope you're not gonna wait for it as long as I have to;)

    Of course it is:P but what do you have in mind?:P

  16. Me too.

    Thinking about downloading it first, then buying it whenever it comes out :P