Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rhythm of the Heart

Whoever said sunshine bring happiness has never danced in the rain.

The clouds do not bring darkness and sadness into our lives, we have just forgotten how to enjoy the marvelous gifts that they bring. The sun may warm you, but the rain, it cleanses you, stripping away all the layers of who you pretend to be, so that the mask you hide behind falls off, and even though you may have forgotten who's beneath, the patter of the drops against your skin revives you, and this time, in the freedom of the rain, you can laugh, that soulful laugh that not many allow themselves to enjoy.

It's all about strumming a tango in the Argentinean streets.
It's about tapping out a samba in the lights of Rio.
It's about waltzing in the parks of England.
And about pirouetting in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Or about dancing to your own tune under the lamp post in the alleyway.
Or slowly turning about on the grass in the comforting arms of your lover.

Wherever you dance, whoever you dance with, to whichever beat rings true in your heart, remember that there is no freedom such as that which dancing in the rain affords you, that sunshine cannot replace the happiness which the melodic rhythm of rain brings.


  1. Mersini! I've just realised how Romantic all your writings are... that, or maybe I've just been too absorbed with trying to think of Romantic stories everything appears Romantic to me..
    But I see liberation and freedom of the soul and impulse/ carpe diem in that blog. :)
    Hahaha. Oh dear..

    Em xx

  2. Haha, well I don't think you're too far off. I guess I do identify with the Romantics alot. I believe in what they believe in, so I suppose it makes sense that it would come through in my writing..
    Or it could be school too :P

  3. Yes, Mersini, you are indeed a romantic.
    Yet again a lovely piece of writing.
    I'd love to play in the rain..though its relatively cold nowadays and I'd much rather not catch a cold by doing so :P

  4. Mmm yeah, it's not half as fun to be in the rain when you're freezing cold.
    Thanks for the comment though Katie.

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  6. I think that most of us got used to being too shy to unleash our very self. And maybe the raindrops on our skin is a message sent by the nature, an invitation to uncover the call of the wild which dwells within ourselves. I think of this call as of something pure and merry at the same time - it tries to make us feel free, not obliged to look up constantly to the world and people.

    I remember myself running through the rain once this summer, smiling at myself inside, not paying attention to the people hiding under the roofs and umbrellas. I just welcomed the sky with this smile as it welcomed me with its rain and I felt nothing but joy :)

  7. That sounds like an absolutely amazing experience to have had. Just, wow.

    I think you're right about rain releasing something primal in us. I really think it brings us back to the roots of life itself, because water is essential to living, and we all know it, but have forgotten it because we no longer have to look for it - it comes to us through pipes and taps. I think the primal part of humans rejoices in rain because its the ghost of a memory of a time where water was not always easily accessible, and the rain was a sign of life.
    Not to mention there's something so peaceful about rain.... :)

  8. You're right. As long as both the sun and the water is now kind of comercialised, feeling the rain on your skin and dancing in it is the act of truth and authenticity. By doing so we show some sort of respect to the nature, not to mention all the fun we get by the way ;)

  9. Yes, yes! Exactly! It's being at one with nature again, the way our society doesn't really let us anymore. Also yes, it's fun :) And free. I think dancing around or whatever in the rain is one of the biggest acts of freedom today, simply because nobody else does it, and the best part is, it takes nothing to do - just take a step outside. It's one of the best ways of being nonconformist that I can think of :)