Thursday, June 17, 2010

Denied by a World, Embraced by an Ocean

The broken hearted people may have stolen the world from you, but there is still hope, reaching down from heaven to settle in the deepest, darkest recesses of your own heart. There is no reason to give up, there is always somewhere for you to turn.

You stare at all you lost with doleful eyes; where has all the compassion gone? Why is it that they will only think of you after you have gone?

They do not understand the passion that burns untempered within you, searing all that comes too close. It is up to you to teach them.
They do not understand your past, and all the pain that still scars your heart, for they have never felt anything like it. Have you not noticed? - they are afraid of what they do not understand.

Will you become a martyr for their cause?

However, the sea knows you for who you are. It is there to embrace you when all others have shunned you. It does not desire that you walk through the dark corridors of Life alone. It understands the scars, the passions, the dreams.

You are an Ocean Soul.

You don't need them to accept you, you have the ever changing sea to whisper quiet reassurances to you in its ebb and flow. You have it to show you the colours of the world, as it reflects the deep hues of the sky.

You have it to envelop you when there is no other escape.


  1. Hi there :)

    I've just found your blog, by a complite coincidence, and must say I've lost myself in it:)

    What you write appears very sweet and enchanting to me. It is something I strongly cherish I mean the ability to look trough the curtain of this world to see something hidden. It is not very often that you can meet someone capable of this kind of sensitivity and perception.

    Honestly, reading your blog feels like reading my own thoughts from the outside. Such a strange yet pleasant sensation. Guess I'm gonna be a frequent visitor to your blog hence I've already begun my voyage troughout it:)

  2. Well, hey!
    I'm incredibly glad to hear that you enjoy what I write here!! :)
    Not all the things written here were born of the happiest of experiences, so if you find yourself relating and needing someone to talk to, I'm here for you, if you'd ever like to take me up on the offer. Other than that, enjoy your traversing through the blog!

  3. :)
    I know exactly what you mean, sometimes sorrow and harsh moments enable us to unfold mysteries of life that happines and laughter cannot.

    I'd be very glad to talk to you as I guess we might share similar outlook on some things we find precious. I will surely enjoy traversing trough your blog so you may expect more comments which turn into some interesting conversation, I hope :)

  4. This is true. But without those moments of sadness or pain, you can't say that you've lived life to the full. There needs to be that balance, as much as it may hurt to have it.

    I look forward to it! :)