Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Ghost of Heartbreak's Past

Damn you, I wasn't ready to let go. I would have gladly held on for much longer, had you let me. The irony is, you always thought you were holding onto me, and didn't see that I was keeping you also.

But now you've let go.

And I'm not strong enough to fight for you.

Or maybe I'm not strong enough to want to.
I see that we've both changed; Time is cruel in that way, not allowing us to keep what we most want. In the same way, he doesn't allow the trees to hold their leaves, or the rivers to keep their ice, or lovers to have their life. Yet, if he did, we wouldn't have great tragedies to weep with, all those forlorn lovers to mourn for, and there would be no hope to balance the despair.

I only hope you aren't the one I spend my life expecting others to be.
That perhaps one day we may begin again, as strangers.
Most of all, I hope that you can't shatter my heart more than once

...because I'm not sure I can handle being left broken by you again.

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