Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of Focus

Please. Don't let me become just another face in the crowd. Don't let me fall to the backburner, when all I want to be is beside you. Please.

Oh why now? For all the time I've known you, why does this topic have to come up repeatedly now? Could it not have arisen when I was sure of where we stood? When distinctions were still clear and not blurred? When you did not say things to me which made me think things I probably ought not to have thought? When the words you said didn't hurt more than they should have?

I see that you wish to have someone to cure that loneliness which lurks in each corner of your heart. 'Tis a reflection of myself also. Sometimes loneliness is what brings two people together; two people who could be amazing.

It's hard, knowing that there are others, perhaps who you'd rather have beside you. But alas, it is more difficult not knowing where we stand in relation to one another, or rather, where we would like to stand in relation to one another. Is that why this topic keeps emerging from the mists that kept it hidden for so long? Perhaps subtlety is not our strongest friend, and we should be more forthcoming. Perhaps....

But please, wherever we may fall after having been thrown up in the air, shaken like some snowglobe, let it be so that we are not separated from one another. There is nothing more heartbreaking than being far from one whom you love.

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