Monday, June 14, 2010

It's in the Little Things

The shadows may lengthen and spread and overtake, but it is not in the shadows where you must look. The beauty only reveals itself when there are such shadows to draw your eye to what you usually do not see. Only when there is darkness do you see the special burn in sunsets, turning the sky all colours of the spectrum. Only when there is darkness do you realise the beauty in the tiniest of creatures, who make their home among the ancient foliage. Those are what you must not forget, for you live much longer than a beetle, or a sunset.

Remember that in the darkest of times, the most beautiful of colours is revealed to those who know to look, and you must look, because there are moments in time which you cannot recollect once you have missed them. You do not want to overlook the mesmerising pattern of a rainbow caught in the beads of dew on the spider web, or the blanket of autumn leaves turning the ground a different colour. You do not want to look after the last drop of dew has fallen from the leaf, or after the butterfly has flown from its seat on the petals of a flower.

You must enjoy the little moments life has to offer. The sun can only warm your skin if you let it, the beauty can only reveal itself to you if you look at it, and the ancient voices of the land can only whisper to you if you listen.


  1. It is indeed. Your writing is so beautiful, Mersini! Favourite blogspot by far ;)

    Em xx

  2. Thanks Em, that means a lot :)