Saturday, February 19, 2011

True Beauty

And oft I've wondered whether we can truly feel beauty, whether we can experience it. They are rare moments that will fill us to the brim, and continue to fill until we overload, and it all comes splashing out the sides. But those moments happen.

On the most fortunate of days, and the most rare, something will brush against our very heartstrings and make them vibrate with an energy, familiar, and yet strange; the energy of true beauty. It resonates within us, filling, and filling, until we can longer hold any more. Then you find that tears are leaving trails along your face, and that your heart wants to leap out of its cavity in your chest and melt into the world. You find that you want to shout the feeling into the world, but cannot find the words to express the emotion that has taken hold of you. All at once you find that you are removed from the world, and still so intrinsically linked. You feel connected to everything, and still separate as yourself. You want to take the hands of all around you and draw them into the experience.

Beauty is love. Love is beauty. It is not everlasting, but powerful - the most powerful thing a person can experience. And you will sing, and you will laugh, but mostly, you will cry. For, true beauty makes you weep.

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