Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Death of a Dream?

 Somehow I think I was not meant for this, and yet I cannot bring myself to let it pass me by. I cannot yet wave goodbye to something it took me so long to try grab. And now it is almost within my grasp. Though I cannot give the colours the right burn, or the figures the right reflections, I still cannot help but want to try again. I want to grasp it and hold it tightly. But when is it time to acknowledge the death of a dream?

This is the same as I have felt before. The idea that someone cannot be close enough unless their heartbeat can be felt through the layers of cloth that separate the two bodies. It's a longing for unity with an art form. For what is the use of an unattainable dream? Is this one perhaps unattainable for me after all? Only time will tell, but I should not wish to waste that time when I could be doing something else that suits me far better. I'd never noticed that decisions could be so hard before. I'd never noticed that reaching for your dreams could be so confusing. I'd never noticed that realising which is your true dream could be so hard.

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