Monday, February 28, 2011

A Question of Security

I sit down to write, but I stare into space, unsure of which words to grab from the maelstrom that is my mind. Whirling through at gale force speeds are conspiracies, theories, longings, paranoia and vulnerability. And today I can't quite be sure which one to write about. There's fear and uncertainty about my place in this world and how secure I feel in it. Paranoia keeps me wondering whether I could have compromised my personal safety in some way. In this world of instant information and lax security on identification, it can be all too easy to succumb to the trap of a predator. Sharing something as simple as your name can lead to someone entering your life through the back door; present and unwanted.

The sick feeling in your gut subsides a little when you think it through, but then returns when you realise how easy people are to track these days. There are windows into your life everywhere; a photo here, an account with something there, and you never know who could be watching. Can mentioning your name to someone over the Internet lead to them tracking you down in person? You ask yourself whether anyone would really bother, and whether anyone would really hound you in such a way. You think not, and then all those stories come floating to mind; people who were just like you, enticed and seduced, so innocent, and then destroyed.

In this world of easy access, security is just an illusion.

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