Friday, February 25, 2011

Silence Is Painted Blue

You padlocked the door, leaving me on the outside, confused and lost, without the slightest notion of where to head next. So I sat right looking with hope at the door, maybe you would open it again. You didn't, and I'm still completely locked out. Somehow I don't think you'll ever open that door to me again.

At some point I realised I must stop sitting where you left me, for I was wasting my life away there, growing older and colder and no closer to you. So I wandered, full of fear and uncertainty, and though I try to leave, I cannot bring myself to move completely out of sight of that door, because somewhere, deep in my heart, I still hold that spark of hope that someday you may need me and opening the door, you'd look at me and invite me back to help you. It's the most improbable thing in existence, and yet, improbable isn't impossible.

But if you care to listen for a moment, you'd realise the desolation you left me in. If you quiet down for just a moment, you'd hear it: silence. My world is the world of silence, and it's painted blue. I'm going to wander into the blue; that place from where I shall be irretrievable. Ready?

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