Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scent of the Future

Could you stand by and watch while the whole world burns? When the flames leap up and tear apart everything you've ever known, are you merely going to stand there and watch?

Should you not instead stand at the head of your generation, leading them into the future, into a world where they won't have to live in fear of the sky burning? Emancipate them all from the fear, from the thoughts that chained our ancestors. The time has arrived for change; the very wind brings the scent of a different future, letting it waft through the empty halls and chapels, through our hair, through our hearts. We must recognise it, identify what needs be done, and stand up and do it. The world is not as egalitarian as we would like to believe, though it is in our power to put it on the path of equality. Who is going to be brave enough to grasp the future in their fist and pull it towards us?
Will it be you?

Did you know it could be you?

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