Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Those Who Hurt

Can one person save the world?
I wonder.
One person can save a life. Indeed, one person can save many lives. But can one person save every life? Or is that too impossible a task?
They are only the rarest of rare days when everybody who goes to sleep at night was everybody who woke up in the morning. Too often people are lost, disappeared into the dark, the place which the living cannot visit, though they might try.

And those who hurt rub the blade against their skin, leaving behind a fine line, for a few seconds invisible, until the break begins to fill with blood.
And those who hurt hold a flame to their skin, flinching as the flesh burns, but yet remaining steadfast, immovable until the patch is red raw and the pain becomes unbearable.
And those who hurt do not allow a morsel of food to remain within their bodies, starving themselves because they do not see themselves as beautiful, starving until they become loose flesh hanging on a visible skeleton and all vestige of beauty has wasted away like their body.
And those who hurt weep, allowing the hot tears to run down their faces until their eyes become dry and bloodshot, and they cannot cry anymore.
And those who hurt cry out, waiting for someone to recognise their distress and lead them to the salvation they have been hoping for.
And those who hurt smile, and laugh, and joke. And lie.
And those who hurt hope; they hope that someone will see the mask and will gently pull the fake visage off their face and expose the true one below, and then will hold them, and love them, and cure the loneliness, drive away the horrific memories and show them that there is beauty in this world.

So tell me, did you recognise the pain in your friend's eyes, did you notice the fake laugh, did you realise that it wasn't a joke after all?
Did you save someone's life today?
Because sometimes those who hurt leave us, and fall into the darkness, and the world loses another day of which it could have boasted that everybody lived.


  1. you know what? i reckon depression is one of the most serious mental illnesses out there yet somehow it is overlooked.
    im not sure how many people have nearly been on the brink of collapsing and how often they have felt that they were truly 'one constant in a world of variables'.
    i hope i become someone who can spot the sadness in others because i truly know how painful it is.

  2. That's my point exactly. It's overlooked but it shouldn't be. It's common, but it shouldn't be. And it's something we can try fix, but we never do because a lot of people don't talk about it; they just wait and hope that someone notices. I think we all need to be more aware of the people around us, before it's too late, you know?
    I just feel that this is something I can do for the world, for other people. I'd love to start a community of people helping other people with depression and anorexia and all that, but I don't know where to even start. I just think more people would get help if they could talk to others like themselves, or if they just had somewhere to go to get support. Or at least, somewhere other than a psychologist. I dunno. It's something I keep thinking about, but I have no idea how to go about it. I've been there too, and barely anyone noticed. Certainly not my family. And it hurt, and sometimes it comes back and still hurts, but it's hard to talk about it because you don't know who cares enough to listen and to actually help.

  3. Mersini, I feel like I've been through what you've described to me. No one noticed either and disappointingly, not even family. I guess you just need that sort of personality to notice the sadness in others. I am interested in joining some organisation or whatever that will help others fighting depression so I'll research on some. I am seriously just as interested as you are in this field - get back to me if there's anything you've found.

  4. You know Katie, I think everyone's experience is pretty similar, even though the circumstances are different.
    I'd love to join an organisation, but not one where we're expected to help out financially. That's not my way of helping, my way is to actually be part of the action, not being part of the financial aspect, if that makes sense. But I don't know of any organisations. Then again, I haven't really looked into it.
    Having said that, this website:
    has got me thinking about starting a forum or something where people can go and get the support they need. That website ^ is great, but not so much for ongoing support. I was thinking a forum might be better for that sort of thing. Plus it'd give people who are uncomfortable talking face to face with others a chance to seek help, you know?
    But I don't know, what do you think?

  5. I totally understand what you mean with wanting to help directly and not just 'financially'. Mmm, I've unfortunately not started to look around cause pre-uni prep is getting me all frazzled!!!

    Ahh, six billion secrets! I saw that as a tv show, not as a website but it's really intersting.
    Your idea with starting a forum would be good though I reckon anonymously would be even better. Some people want help but are afraid of letting others know who they are.
    I've called kidshelpline before...even though it was anonymous I found it really ineffective in getting out the truth. It was simply because they wanted me to start the ball rolling and it was hard.

  6. I know what you mean. This whole starting uni thing is throwing me out a bit, considering I just spent the last 3 months at home doing nothing.

    Really, a tv show? That's quite fascinating. I didn't know they did anything tv related.
    Hm yeah, I know what you mean about being anonymous, but I can't think of anything where you can actually post anonymously. I know you can comment anonymously on most sites, but I'm not sure about actually starting threads and stuff. I thought that at least on a forum, you wouldn't have to put your real name or anything, so you're as good as anonymous, if that makes sense?
    I guess that's the thing, you have to want to help yourself get better, or else nothing will happen.
    But you know Katie, if you ever need to talk or anything, I'm always willing to listen and help out. Ok?