Friday, March 11, 2011


It's wonderful to see something of empowerment. It's fantastic to realise that we can be more than what we are, and that we don't need to be told how to live our life, or to be forced to live by rules made up by societies long ago. The people who change the world are the ones who are not afraid of defying it's conventions.

It is utterly ridiculous when you stop and think about all the things we conform to just because they are the unspoken 'rules' of society. All areas of our lives are affected: to some extent we all worry about our bodies, how they look, how they smell, what kind of impression we give to other people. We put pressure on ourselves to be there in the roles that are expected of us, and though we say that this is not the case, the world tries to impress upon us the importance of fulfilling those roles by putting up impenetrable iron bars when we want to progress past those boundaries into the lives we see, but are not allowed to attain. We have all become spectators in the game of life, where we are only allowed to sit and watch while others, the men, play the game itself.

But the rules are slowly changing. Here and there, among the masculine brawn, you may spot a woman, fierce in her femininity and holding her own against those who would usurp her. These women are inspirations to those who sit at home, burdened by domesticity and bound by outdated conventions. The collective consciousness has changed, has begun to accept that we are a part of society just as much as the males who have traditionally held the power, and they are beginning to realise that we can roll the dice just as skilfully as they, and perhaps even better. They are beginning to see that equality must be accepted for the world to grow beyond its current boundaries.

And one by one, we are stepping up to the plate, and each of us are hitting home runs. They can no longer deny that we have the power to be great, and that nothing will stand in our way; neither men, nor conventions, nor rules. We can have it all, and we intend to take it.

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